Vishalam Rangan is a minor character in Angry Office & Angry Office Christmas Party. She is said to enjoy "goat candy" & told someone to put it on their list of things to do. She obtains the nickname of “curry in a hurry” after scouting around in an office chair. Her cubicle was moved various times, then she discontinued eating curry & it stopped. She is portrayed by Natalie Hawkins.

In A Day At The Park, it is revealed that Rangan is not ethnically Indian and is being paid as a minority in the company. This observation is made after Rangan exits a portable toilet by Asian Girlfriend. Rangan, still in character, remarks on the masculine appearance of an Asian Girlfriend but is revealed when Asian Girlfriend casually reveals Rangan's ethnic origins. Rangan breaks character, asking how much money it will take to keep the information from her CEO Bryce Tankthrust. She pays 50 cents and a Vons Club card as hush money.

Her real name is unknown, as it can be assumed that it is -along with her identity- a ruse to make more money.