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Theater Class (series) is a series of videos created by Brandon Rogers. There are 24 episodes in total, spanning two seasons.

In early 2015, Brandon stated on his Facebook page that although a finale to the series was partly-shot, the cast had all moved away and onto different projects, and so were difficult to gather. The finale was intended to be half an hour long, and the first two and a half minutes were briefly available on Brandon's YouTube channel, but have since been deleted. A fundraising campaign was set up to raise funds for the finale, but didn't meet the goal.

Season 1


The season acts as a documentary about the life of Alex Rimmer, a new theater arts teacher at Valley Village Community College in Akron, Ohio. The documentary follows the badly-planned lessons and the mayhem that he and his class of six pupils get up to. Although the earlier episodes each have separate plots, the main plot of trying to stop the class from being shut down starts from Episode 4.


  • S1 Ep1: Pilot
  • S1 Ep2: Confiscation
  • S1 Ep3: The Art of Competition
  • S1 Ep4: Teamwork
  • S1 Ep5: Camping
  • S1 Ep6: Bye Mitzvah
  • S1 Ep7: Show and Tell
  • S1 Ep8: Shafted
  • S1 Ep9: The Comeback
  • S1 Ep10: History Class
  • S1 Ep11: Sleepover
  • S1 Ep12: Opening Night
  • S1 Ep13: Moving On (Part 1)
  • S1 Ep14: Moving On (Part 2)

Main Cast

Season 2