Meet Grandpa (titled "Meet Grandpa =)" on YouTube) is the debuting Grandpa skit, posted on December 16th, 2008. As of April 2016, the video's been viewed over 400,000 times.


Grandpa reads in his home. He scolds his grandchild for carrying a frog inside and tells them to take it back outside.

While in the kitchen pouring coffee, he suggests the child to be quiet and finish their homework.

He's seen in a different part of the house, swallowing pills from a pill bottle.

Picking up from the scene before, Grandpa lounges in a chair, telling the child to finish their homework again. He then heads outside and speaks with his neighbor across his fence, complaining about the boy's inability to finish it. He then enters his room, asks about unspecified items strewn around, tells him again to finish his homework and get rid of the frog.

In another area of the home, he asks the boy to pull up his pants, saying his penis resembles an amputee.

While grabbing something from the fridge, he notices the child, but forgets who he is.

Grandpa opens a door and tells the children they're leaving in five minutes. He drives them someplace, yelling at a passing driver along the way.

He's last seen back at home, sitting in an armchair while reading. He farts, blaming it on the frog "again".


  • As Meet Grandpa and Grandpa Goes Shopping were made in 2008, Grandpa is portrayed somewhat differently. Timmy, Samantha, and Kathy (Mom) were most likely not established then.