Marisol De La Gorgonzola is a self-taught psychiatrist, appearing in Halloween Therapy. She is portrayed by Brandon Rogers.


Halloween Therapy

Marisol introduces herself as Marisol De La Gorgonzola. She is shown listening to many residents of the Brandon Rogers world, such as Dorian Ditsen and Kathy. Kathy explains the events of the video concerning the puppet.

Marisol breaks the story often, the first time being with Lord Mingeworthy, where she tells him to hurry up. The second time being with Jürgen, where she uses his blindness to her advantage and sits naked in the office (which is actually a nude suit).

Marisol is paid by Jürgen in 150 books in a large duffle bag. Inside the bag is nothing, however. Marisol calls Jürgen a cheapskate and leaves. The doll is then seen behind her.

Memorable Quotes

My name is Marisol De La Gorgonzola, I am a practising therapist, which means I'm still practising.
— Marisol to the cameraman in "Halloween Therapy"
So, how is my favourite patient doing today?
— Marisol to Dorian Ditsen in "Halloween Therapy"
Sorry, I'm listening now, go ahead.
— Marisol to Kathy in "Halloween Therapy"


  • For some reason, Marisol has incredibly tiny hands.

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