Magic Funhouse is a comedy series by Brandon Rogers. It's release date was December 15th 2016 and the first episode of it is on YouTube on Brandon Rogers channel. To view the other upcoming and current episodes, sign up to the online streaming service "Fullscreen." The show portrays a new employee's experience on a children's show with a dysfunctional production team.


Magic Funhouse was confirmed on February 2016 by Brandon Rogers himself.

On June 6, 2016, Kids TV Host Meltdown!!!, a trailer for Magic Funhouse, was uploaded to Rogers' channel.

On November 15th of the same year, Brandon Rogers posted a video entitled "MAGIC FUNHOUSE Official Trailer" which is the official trailer for the show. Of course, you can find the video on Brandon Rogers's channel on YouTube.

On December 15th of the same year, Brandon Rogers released the first episode of the series onto YouTube, probably to make the viewers want to watch more of the series over on 'FullScreen'.

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