Mad Tea Party is the first of a two-part series created by Brandon Rogers, Uploaded on April 25th, 2011, the video has nearly two million views as of April 2016.


The cast each parody a character from Alice in Wonderland. Brandon himself portrays the Mad Hatter, with five others portraying Alice, The Chesire Cat, a Flower, March Hare & Jabberwocky.

Alice stumbles into Wonderland and finds the others having a tea party. Approaching the group, Mad Hatter asks who Alice is. Chesire introduces her, explaining she found her while in a tree. Alice takes a seat and everyone outside Mad Hatter and March Hare are introduced.

Flower begins singing, but Hatter tells him to stop. After performing Clean Cup, Alice sits in Hare's lap, saying "she's doing her Kegels" in which Brandon takes disgust from.

Flower lays on the ground with his legs spread, claiming to be photosynthesizing.

Alice then has sex with the Hatter

A couple yellow trucks appear offset, and Hatter wonders what they're doing in Wonderland. His acid reflux then kicks in at the table. Hare apparently looks at Hatter to which he asks why. He also comments on his ears, saying they look like Michael J Fox did them, which Hare seemingly agrees to. He informs the viewers you must use Scotchguard instead of toilet paper when drinking their tea. Jabberwocky snatches it from him.

Legs spread again, Flower "fertilizes" at the table to the group's displeasure. Chesire yells that she has tits off screen. Hatter is fed what appears to be leaves by Hare before walking away from the party. Someone yells to take is chair with him before throwing it in Hatter's direction. Despite not hitting him, Hatter is frightened. He then pushes Flower from his wheeled chair with Alice watching.

In a wheelchair, Flower is ridden by Chesire as they both scream. Alice stands in the taller grass, saying "sexual" while possibly photosynthesizing. Flower nearby tenses up and falls out of chair. Hatter spots a nearby jogger and greets him, wondering who let him down the rabbit hole.

Standing in a patch of dirt, Jabberwocky threatens to shit on someone's dreams.

Hatter checks on Flower. Awakening, Hatter suspects he's possessed. Flower stands up and screams before terrorizing the party. While being chased around by him, Hatter's acid reflux kicks in again.

Jabberwocky poses while smiling at the camera, saying how the skit was the real Alice in Wonderland.


  • As mentioned in the video's description, the skit was a "drunken take".

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