Kids TV Host Meltdown!!! is a trailer for Brandon Rogers' Magic Funhouse. It was uploaded on June 6, 2016.


The camera focuses on the host, Mr Marble as he greets the child audience. He hopes they're hungry & the google-eyed toilet beside him says he's starving. The host asks if he's starving for pizza, what he's about to make.

The scene cuts to Marble wearing an apron & chef's hat. Standing before a counter with a pizza disk, tomato sauce & shredded cheese (which sometimes upsets his stomach), he instructs the viewers how to make the pizza. Beginning to describe spreading the tomato paste, he forgets his lines.

The recording stopped, Marble asks for a sandwich. Someone off screen tosses one at his face & he curses them & their cross-eyed daughter.

During another take, he adds too much tomato paste to the disk & tries putting it back for take two. He stresses over forgetting his lines, bashing his head against the table. In the next scene, he sprinkles cheese across the pizza wanting to "make these fucking kids explode."

Asking for the script, Marble is given a shopping list. He says it explains why the person who gave him it is overweight. Finding red on his hands, he asks if it's sauce or blood, He apologises for messing up his lines & cursing repeatedly. He tries cleaning up the mess of ingredients across the table, then says it's funny how they're instructing how to make a pizza for an age bracket that "can't wipe their own ass."

Marble asks for a trash can for a torn pizza disk but ends up eating it. He asks for water & gets a bottle tossed at his head. He thanks the tosser for his concussion. He takes a small break on his therapy ball & bounces on it. Back at the table, he calls this show shit while hoping there is more pizza disks. He stresses over not remembering his lines again while finding a caterpillar in the corner of the room. He asks for cheese & has it thrown into hair, as he expected. With all the food scattered around, he says they're going to have a roach problem.

The actual trailer for Magic Funhouse plays for the rest of the video.