Is Morphings Time! is a video made by Brandon Rogers.


Sebestian and Ignacio are up to their entics once more. This time, after running from home, they find two power morphers and are able to transform into the power rangers. With it, they used their powers for defence and battle on the Intergalactic Evill Empress, Sharita. Watch as the boys survives numerous threats from bullies and villains alike.


[A screen shows the word "Detention", and below it, it says "2:59"]

[The scene cuts to Ignacio and Sebastian in Detention]

Ignacio: Dude, let's get out of here, man.

Sebastian: (Quietly) Shh! Dude, we're in detention, we have to behave!

Ignacio: (Quietly) This is stupid...

[The bell rings, ending detention]

Sebastian: Yeah! Fuck this place! (Uses a chair to knock down the other ones)

[The scene cuts to the both outside, but still on the school property]

Ignacio: Yeah, school is for losers!

Sebastian: Yeah, we're too tough for school!

[The scene cuts to the 2 near a door]

Sebastian: Dude, this is Mrs. Gunsten's classroom!


This is for my D-! (Has diarrhea on the classroom door)



[The scene cuts to them near some trees]

Ignacio: Hey, man, look what I found! (Holds up a ciggarette)

Sebastian: (Smacks it out og his hand) Get that out of here, we're like, 7, or something!

Ignacio: Oh, I'm sorry, man.

[The scene cuts to the playground]

Sebastian: Don't move, you've got a ladybug on your shoulder.

[The ladybug flies away]

Ignacio: There it goes~

[The camera switches to Randy and his gang]

Randy: Hey, losers, you got that fre-freaking five dollars that you owe us?

Sebastian: Back off, Randy, your mom doesn't even love you!

Ignacio: Yeah, your mother's a loser.

2 kids in the gang: We're gonna kick your ass!

Sebastian: Yeah? Well, you'll have to find it first, shitheads!

[The children, excluding Randy, tackle Sebastian while screaming]

[Ignacio looks over to Randy, and Randy grabs his face]

Randy: At least I have a mom, you little shitpump!

Ignacio: Man, too far! (Randy punches Ignacio's face)

[The screen shows 3 short clips of the children beating up Sebastian]

Ignacio: Sebastian, defend yourself!

[The scene cuts to Ignacio and Sebastian in a tub, while Sebastian is crying]

Sebastian: (Choked up) Dude, we should run away from home, man!

Ignacio: No, man, we don't have to run away! I created my own reality!

Sebastian: W-what do you mean by that, dude?!

Ignacio: Come on, man, check it out! (Gets out of the tub and starts walking towards the fort)

Sebastian: Okay, hold on! (Tries to grab hold of the shower curtain to get up, but rips it)

Ignacio: Watch your step, there's Legos everywhere.

Sebastian: (Comes out of the room, crying, and falls on the floor) Ow!

Ignacio: Don't stain the carpet! (Opens the curtain/door to the fort)

It's my secret little place. You see, man? It's magical in here!

Sebastian: Dude, we could have our own time zone in here!

Ignacio: Man, what time is it?

Sebastian: Um, It's quarter-past fun time! We're late!

[Sebastian and Ignacio are playing with a toy deer and toy ambulance]

Ignacio: My galloping little hoof. [Makes the toy deer strut around]

[Sebastian's toy ambulance crashes into it]

Ignacio: Oh deer!

Sebbastian: Watch where you're going, lady!

Ignacio: At least I got hit by an ambulance.

Sebastian: The irony is, you don't have full medical coverage.

Ignacio: Oh man, that's crazy, man.

[Cuts to Sebastian at a cash register and Ignacio as, still, a deer]

Sebastian: The total for the silver plan will be 1 million dollars.

Ignacio: But I can't afford it!

Sebastian: Well then, my deer, you shouldn't have gotten cancer.

[Ignacio's dad lifts a flap of the fort and interrupts]

Ignacio's Dad: What are you guys doing? You're being too loud!

Sebastian: Oh, hi, Ignacio's dad, uh, [In Spanish, with subtitles] Could you please get the fuck out?

[Ignacio's dad gets offended, takes off his belt, and starts yelling]

Sebastian: Shit! It's now quarter-past let's get the hell out!

[Cuts to the 2 at a forest]

Sebastian: Dude, we should run away from home for real, man!

Ignacio: Man, we can't survive out here!

Sebastian: 1 step ahead of you, I packed all these snacks! (Shows his backpack, which is full of snacks)

Ignacio: Man, you've got no money!

Sebastian: But I've got sneaky fingers.

Ignacio: Man, we could survive for weeks on this!

[Cuts to 30 minutes later, and the 2 are sitting near a tree, crying]

Sebastian: We just ate all the snacks, man!

Ignacio: Man, I wanna go home!

[Both of them cry]

Ignacio: Dude, we won't ever find shelter again!

Sebastian: Dude, you might be wrong! (Points to a temple)

[Sebastian and Ignacio run towards it]

Sebastian: Hello? We're 2 little brown boys in search of shelter!


We're, like, 5 years old, man!


(Knocking on the wall) The building is make of some type of material.


Ignacio: What type, man?

Sebastian: I don't know man, it's like a cardboard or something hard.

Ignacio: Good.

Sebastian: (Points down at 2 Power Morphers) Fuck!

Look, they're Power Morphers, do you know what these do?

Ignacio: No!

Sebastian: They turn anyone they touch into a Power Ranger.

Ignacio: What? Man, you're lying to me.

Sebastian: What?

Ignacio: The most unbelieveable lie you're telling me.

Sebastian: What?

Ignacio: Every day, you're telling me things that aren't true.

Sebastian: Okay, take one, it's time to morph.

[A scene identical to a Power Ranger Morphing scene shows, but with Sebastian in it]

Sebastian: It's Morphing Time, man!

[Cut back to the forest]

Dude, I'm the red ranger!

Ignacio: (Looks down, revealing him to be the Pink Ranger) Man, the pink is on me.

Sebastian: Well, when you're done bragging, I'd like to fight crime, please.

[Cut back to the playground with Randy's gang. Note that Randy isn't there]

A kid in the gang: What the hell do you guys want?

[Sebastian punches him in the face, and the kid starts crying]

[Sebastian starts to beat up Randy's gang, person by person]

Sebastian: Power Rangers!

Ignacio: (Says something in Spanish and punches the only girl there)


Let's go get the leader.

Sebastian: Yeah.

[Cuts to Randy and his family having dinner]

Randy's mom: So, Randy, did you bully any good kids today?

Randy: Yeah, I called some kid a fag, I took a girl's wheelchair, and I best the SHIT out of those 2 kids that owe me money.

Randy's dad: Oh, that's good,

The mom and dad: but you can always do better!

[Cuts to Sebastian and Ignacio outside of Randy's house]

Sebastian: Dude, this neighborhood smells like white privledge.

Ignacio: Yeah, they're probably in there reading books or something.

Sebastian: Let's go kick their assholes.

Ignacio: Yeah, let's do this.

[Sebastian and Ignacio open a glass door, and interrupts the family's dinner]

Sebastian: Power Rangers! (Punches Randy's dad from the side)

[Ignacio makes a finger hun, and, surprisingly, shoots and kills Randy's dad]

Randy's mom: (Tries to shake him awake) Robert! Robert!

[Sebastian shoots Randy's mom]

Randy: Mom!

[Randy tries to run, but Sebastian tackles him]

Randy: Who the fuck are you guys?!

Sebastian: We are the Power Rangers, and we only use our weapons for defense.

[Sebastian shoots inside of Randy's moth, making blood squirt a his face. The word "Radical shows on the screen, followed by a guitar riff]

[Cut to the arcade]

Sebastian: All right, man, time to put these powers to good use!

[Ignacio looks at Deisel and Kevin, who, obviously, are kissing]

Ignacio: Dude, man, that man is attacking that other man!

Ignacio: Let's go save him!

[Sebastian pulls Diesel off and punches him]

Kevin: That was my boyfriend.

Sebastian: No thanks nessescary, now just give us these tickets.

[Sebastian attempts to take the tickets, but Kevin takes them back, so Sebastian punches Kevin and takes the tickets]


[Cuts to a flat, clear area of land]

Dude, with all these tickets, we could buy a house!

Ignacio: Man, let's buy a treehouse.

Sebastian: That's very smart of you, Ignacio.

[Ignacio looks over to Sharita Repulsa, who appears from behind a hill]

Sharita: Woo! None of these Power Rangers gonna be a bunch a little kids! Now give me back those Morphers, or I'll suck your dick up your asshole!

[Sharita Repulsa is introduced in a seperate scene]

Well, girl, my name's Sharita Repulsa. I'm an Intergalactic Store Witch.

I had a baby when I was 12. Why? Because I'm evil!

I'm so evil, I smoke ciggarettes! I don't care!

On weekends, I like to work as a parking enforcer. (Putting a parking ticket on a car) I am god damn diabolical!

One time, I stole m neighbors wi-fi.

I don't give a fuck!

[Sharita, while walking on a side walk, takes a wheelchair] Haha!

Sebastian: I hate you more than I hate the grocery store!

Sharita: Bitch, I invented the grocery store!

[Sebastian gasps]

Empress of Evil, mother fucker.

Sebastian: You'll never have our Morphers, Sharita!

Sharita: Well, I guess that means we're gonna have to fight!

Sebastian: Okay, but let me put this helmet on for safety. (Puts on his helmet)

Sharita: Yeah, safety is important...

Sebastian: All right, let's fight!

[Sebastian lunges towards Sharita and grabs her staff]

Sharita: Oh, shit!

Sebastian: Sometimes, you have to grab justice in the cones!

[He gives Sharita a nipple twist]

Sharita: Ahh, my evil tits!

[She hits Sebastian and he falls on the ground]

Ignacio: Man, what'd you do to my friend?

[Sharita knocks Ignacio down]

Sharita: Bitch, I'm gonna shit in your 3-year old mouth!

Ignacio: Man, we're only like, 2.

[Sebastian grabs Sharita from behind]

Sebastian: You're under arrest for shithead-ism!

Sharita: Bitch, you think you can hold me? I know magic.

[Sharita rips herself out of her clothes, releasing herself. Her vagina is censored with the words "So Evil!"]

Have fun at the grocery store, motherfucker!

[Sharita tries to zap Sebastian with her staff, but he deflects it with his helmet. Sharita screams in shock]

[Sharita is teleported to the frozen section of a grocery store, with her censored Vagina reading as "Uh Oh"]

Sharita: What the Hell!

[Gets up and run]

Why the hell did I have to land in the goddamned frozen food section?

[Dodges a customer] Evil Empress coming through look out!

[Narrowly avoided another customer]

(To the customer) Goddamn it bitch. I'm Evil!

[Scene cuts to the parking lot of the grocery store]

Where'd I park my goddamned car?!

[Scene cuts to Sebestian and Ignacio, with Ignacio looking at Sebestian]

Sebestian: I think it was a mistake taking those morphers

Ignacio: Yeah man, I'm only six months old.

[Sharita suddenly grows huge while Sharita is cackling evilly]

Sebestian: Look Out!

[Ignacio turns to see a gigantic cackling Sharita]

Ignacio: Oh no! Her titties are too big man!

Sharita: That's right motherfucker! And I hope ( picks up Ignacio) you are not lactose intolerent!

[Scene cuts a toy Ignacio being breastfed by Sharita]

Ignacio: No, I already have enough calcium for today!

Sharita: Shut up! (Spits on Ignacio)

[Scene cuts to a birds eye view of Sebestian]

Sebestian: ( While shouting) Hold on man! (Before running off)

[Sebestian enters Ignacio's fort and takes out his power morpher]

Its time to turn this fort into one that can battle!

[Sebestian removes the power coin from the morpher and placed it in a toaster before pulling the spatula that was in the toaster]

[The fort seems to rumble as Sebestian cowers in awe]

It's happening!

[Soon the background music plays as the megazord starts to rise]

It's time to fuck some shit up!

(Turns a knob on a toy clock) Let's see what this baby can do! (Smacks the toy cash register)

POWER RANGE-( smashes a building)

Oops! Sorry! I don't have my license ( looks at the camera with an "I don't know" look)

[Scene cuts with Sharita terrorising the city]

Sharita: get a load of this Angel Grove! (pulls skirt up to reveal her censored vagina.) (crowd screams) (Sharita then smashes a building)

Sebestian: Put my friend down fatty!

Sharita: What the hell?

Sebestian: I am going to kick your ovaries into your eyeball, ugly bitch!

[Sharita looks offended. Scene then cuts to Sebestian in the cockpit]

Sebestian: That's right, I just used the bad word and I'm only a couple months old.

[Scene cuts to Sharita]

Sharita: Oh you think you got that right shithead? I know where your familiar-lees(family) is.

[Sharita bends down and pick a group of people up]

Sharita: And I'm gotta beat you with your own kind

Ignacio (still being held by Sharita): Don't worry Sebestian's dad, we gonna save you.

Sebestian's dad: You boys are always getting into trouble.

[Sharita looks annoyed as she released Sebestian's dad from her grip causing him plummeting to his death]

Sebestian (from his cockpit): Dad!

Well I'm going to pick up this group of disabled people and beat you with your own kind!

Sharita: Goddamn it, I am not disabled

Sebestian: Not yet.

[Sebestian then attacks Sharita with the group of disabled people with Sharita doing the same]

Sebestian: I hope you like the taste of metal!

[Sebestian than shoves a man on a wheelchair into Sharita's mouth]

Sharita: Oh god, I hate vegetables!

[Sharita pulls off a building]

Ah! Taking this with me!

[Scene cuts to Sebestian and Ignacio playing in the fort]

Ignacio (while holding a figurine of the megazord): You can't take that, that's a children's hospital

Sebestian ( while holding a figurine of Sharita): So what? there's an overpopulation problem

[Ignacio's dad enters]

Ignacio's dad: I hope you're ready, we're having tacos for dinner.

Both kids: Tacos! Oh my god!

[Ignacio's dad pulls out a guitar and plays the tune of Go Go Power Rangers]

Ignacio's dad (singing): Go Go little brown Boys!

[Sebestian pulls out a ukulele and plays out of tune]

Sebestian (singing): Its time for Tacos!

[Scene cuts to credits]