Is Morphings Time! is a video made by Brandon Rogers.


[A screen shows the word "Detention", and below it, it says "2:59"]

[The scene cuts to Ignacio and Sebastian in Detention]

Ignacio: Dude, let's get out of here, man.

Sebastian: (Quietly) Shh! Dude, we're in detention, we have to behave!

Ignacio: (Quietly) This is stupid...

[The bell rings, ending detention]

Sebastian: Yeah! Fuck this place! (Uses a chair to knock down the other ones)

[The scene cuts to the both outside, but still on the school property]

Ignacio: Yeah, school is for losers!

Sebastian: Yeah, we're too tough for school!

[The scene cuts to the 2 near a door]

Sebastian: Dude, this is Mrs. Gunsten's classroom!


This is for my D-! (Has diarrhea on the classroom door)



[The scene cuts to them near some trees]

Ignacio: Hey, man, look what I found! (Holds up a ciggarette)

Sebastian: (Smacks it out og his hand) Get that out of here, we're like, 7, or something!

Ignacio: Oh, I'm sorry, man.

[The scene cuts to the playground]

Sebastian: Don't move, you've got a ladybug on your shoulder.

[The ladybug flies away]

Ignacio: There it goes~

[The camera switches to Randy and his gang]

Randy: Hey, losers, you got that fre-freaking five dollars that you owe us?

Sebastian: Back off, Randy, your mom doesn't even love you!

Ignacio: Yeah, your mother's a loser.

2 kids in the gang: We're gonna kick your ass!

Sebastian: Yeah? Well, you'll have to find it first, shitheads!

[The children, excluding Randy, tackle Sebastian while screaming]

[Ignacio looks over to Randy, and Randy grabs his face]

Randy: At least I have a mom, you little shitpump!

Ignacio: Man, too far! (Randy punches Ignacio's face)

[The screen shows 3 short clips of the children beating up Sebastian]

Ignacio: Sebastian, defend yourself!

[The scene cuts to Ignacio and Sebastian in a tub, while Sebastian is crying]

Sebastian: (Choked up) Dude, we should run away from home, man!

Ignacio: No, man, we don't have to run away! I created my own reality!

Sebastian: W-what do you mean by that, dude?!

Ignacio: Come on, man, check it out! (Gets out of the tub and starts walking towards the fort)

Sebastian: Okay, hold on! (Tries to grab hold of the shower curtain to get up, but rips it)

Ignacio: Watch your step, there's Legos everywhere.

Sebastian: (Comes out of the room, crying, and falls on the floor) Ow!

Ignacio: Don't stain the carpet! (Opens the curtain/door to the fort)

It's my secret little place. You see, man? It's magical in here!

Sebastian: Dude, we could have our own time zone in here!

Ignacio: Man, what time is it?

Sebastian: Um, It's quarter-past fun time! We're late!

[Sebastian and Ignacio are playing with a toy deer and toy ambulance]

Ignacio: My galloping little hoof. [Makes the toy deer strut around]

[Sebastian's toy ambulance crashes into it]

Ignacio: Oh deer!

Sebbastian: Watch where you're going, lady!

Ignacio: At least I got hit by an ambulance.

Sebastian: The irony is, you don't have full medical coverage.

Ignacio: Oh man, that's crazy, man.

[Cuts to Sebastian at a cash register and Ignacio as, still, a deer]

Sebastian: The total for the silver plan will be 1 million dollars.

Ignacio: But I can't afford it!

Sebastian: Well then, my deer, you shouldn't have gotten cancer.

[Ignacio's dad lifts a flap of the fort and interrupts]

Ignacio's Dad: What are you guys doing? You're being too loud!

Sebastian: Oh, hi, Ignacio's dad, uh, [In Spanish, with subtitles] Could you please get the fuck out?

[Ignacio's dad gets offended, takes off his belt, and starts yelling]

Sebastian: Shit! It's now quarter-past let's get the hell out!

[Cuts to the 2 at a forest]

Sebastian: Dude, we should run away from home for real, man!

Ignacio: Man, we can't survive out here!

Sebastian: 1 step ahead of you, I packed all these snacks! (Shows his backpack, which is full of snacks)

Ignacio: Man, you've got no money!

Sebastian: But I've got sneaky fingers.

Ignacio: Man, we could survive for weeks on this!

[Cuts to 30 minutes later, and the 2 are sitting near a tree, crying]

Sebastian: We just ate all the snacks, man!

Ignacio: Man, I wanna go home!

[Both of them cry]

Ignacio: Dude, we won't ever find shelter again!

Sebastian: Dude, you might be wrong! (Points to a temple)

[Sebastian and Ignacio run towards it]

Sebastian: Hello? We're 2 little brown boys in search of shelter!


We're, like, 5 years old, man!


(Knocking on the wall) The building is make of some type of material.


Ignacio: What type, man?

Sebastian: I don't know man, it's like a cardboard or something hard.

Ignacio: Good.

Sebastian: (Points down at 2 Power Morphers) Fuck!

Look, they're Power Morphers, do you know what these do?

Ignacio: No!

Sebastian: They turn anyone they touch into a Power Ranger.

Ignacio: What? Man, you're lying to me.

Sebastian: What?

Ignacio: The most unbelieveable lie you're telling me.

Sebastian: What?

Ignacio: Every day, you're telling me things that aren't true.

Sebastian: Okay, take one, it's time to morph.

[A scene identical to a Power Ranger Morphing scene shows, but with Sebastian in it]

Sebastian: It's Morphing Time, man!

[Cut back to the forest]

Dude, I'm the red ranger!

Ignacio: (Looks down, revealing him to be the Pink Ranger) Man, the pink is on me.

Sebastian: Well, when you're done bragging, I'd like to fight crime, please.

[Cut back to the playground with Randy's gang. Note that Randy isn't there]

A kid in the gang: What the hell do you guys want?

[Sebastian punches him in the face, and the kid starts crying]

[Sebastian starts to beat up Randy's gang, person by person]

Sebastian: Power Rangers!

Ignacio: (Says something in Spanish and punches the only girl there)


Let's go get the leader.

Sebastian: Yeah.

[Cuts to Randy and his family having dinner]

Randy's mom: So, Randy, did you bully any good kids today?

Randy: Yeah, I called some kid a fag, I took a girl's wheelchair, and I best the SHIT out of those 2 kids that owe me money.

Randy's dad: Oh, that's good,

The mom and dad: but you can always do better!

[Cuts to Sebastian and Ignacio outside of Randy's house]

Sebastian: Dude, this neighborhood smells like white privledge.

Ignacio: Yeah, they're probably in there reading books or something.

Sebastian: Let's go kick their assholes.

Ignacio: Yeah, let's do this.

[Sebastian and Ignacio open a glass door, and interrupts the family's dinner]

Sebastian: Power Rangers! (Punches Randy's dad from the side)

[Ignacio makes a finger hun, and, surprisingly, shoots and kills Randy's dad]

Randy's mom: (Tries to shake him awake) Robert! Robert!

[Sebastian shoots Randy's mom]

Randy: Mom!

[Randy tries to run, but Sebastian tackles him]

Randy: Who the fuck are you guys?!

Sebastian: We are the Power Rangers, and we only use our weapons for defense.

[Sebastian shoots inside of Randy's moth, making blood squirt a his face. The word "Radical shows on the screen, followed by a guitar riff]

[Cut to the arcade]

Sebastian: All right, man, time to put these powers to good use!

[Ignacio looks at Deisel and Kevin, who, obviously, are kissing]

Ignacio: Dude, man, that man is attacking that other man!

Ignacio: Let's go save him!

[Sebastian pulls Diesel off and punches him]

Kevin: That was my boyfriend.

Sebastian: No thanks nessescary, now just give us these tickets.

[Sebastian attempts to take the tickets, but Kevin takes them back, so Sebastian punches Kevin and takes the tickets]


[Cuts to a flat, clear area of land]

Dude, with all these tickets, we could buy a house!

Ignacio: Man, let's buy a treehouse.

Sebastian: That's very smart of you, Ignacio.

[Ignacio looks over to Sharita Repulsa, who appears from behind a hill]

Sharita: Woo! None of these Power Rangers gonna be a bunch a little kids! Now give me back those Morphers, or I'll suck your dick up your asshole!

[Sharita Repulsa is introduced in a seperate scene]

Well, girl, my name's Sharita Repulsa. I'm an Intergalactic Store Witch.

I had a baby when I was 12. Why? Because I'm evil!

I'm so evil, I smoke ciggarettes! I don't care!

On weekends, I like to work as a parking enforcer. (Putting a parking ticket on a car) I am god damn diabolical!

One time, I stole m neighbors wi-fi.

I don't give a fuck!

[Sharita, while walking on a side walk, takes a wheelchair] Haha!

Sebastian: I hate you more than I hate the grocery store!

Sharita: Bitch, I invented the grocery store!

[Sebastian gasps]

Empress of Evil, mother fucker.

Sebastian: You'll never have our Morphers, Sharita!

Sharita: Well, I guess that means we're gonna have to fight!

Sebastian: Okay, but let me put this helmet on for safety. (Puts on his helmet)

Sharita: Yeah, safety is important...

Sebastian: All right, let's fight!

[Sebastian lunges towards Sharita and grabs her staff]

Sharita: Oh, shit!

Sebastian: Sometimes, you have to grab justice in the cones!

[He gives Sharita a nipple twist]

Sharita: Ahh, my evil tits!

[She hits Sebastian and he falls on the ground]

Ignacio: Man, what'd you do to my friend?

[Sharita knocks Ignacio down]

Sharita: Bitch, I'm gonna shit in your 3-year old mouth!

Ignacio: Man, we're only like, 2.

[Sebastian grabs Sharita from behind]

Sebastian: You're under arrest for shithead-ism!

Sharita: Bitch, you think you can hold me? I know magic.

[Sharita rips herself out of her clothes, releasing herself. Her vagina is censored with the words "So Evil!"]

Have fun at the grocery store, motherfucker!

[Sharita tries to zap Sebastian with her staff, but he deflects it with his helmet]

More to Come!

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