Hall Monitor Helen is a video written by, directed by and starring Brandon Rogers. It was uploaded on 8th November 2015, and as of 14th February 2016, has generated over 4,000,000 views. It was met with largely positive praise. The video follows Helen Brownstein, the hall monitor and detention teacher of an elementary school.


The video is a compilation of short clips, all featuring Hall Monitor Helen. These clips include:

  • Helen telling a child to stop running in the corridor & calling him a "little asshole"
  • Helen calling for backup from Principal Morris after the kindergarten children start raping each other
  • Helen telling the children to do their work & not to talk while supervising detention
  • Insulting the children, including calling them "trolls", "little assholes" & "fags"
  • Helen using a water fountain to splash water through her shorts to cure her vaginal dryness
  • Helen commenting on the students' work
  • Helen finding out that a child has defecated themselves
  • Helen telling the children not to talk & say that the classroom "is a place of silence"
  • Helen commenting on the sexualities of teachers
  • Helen discouraging the ambitions of children
  • Helen being hit in the head with a lunch bag
  • Helen finding & commenting on cartoons of herself performing sexual acts
  • Helen catching students smoking weed in the restroom, which results in students ripping her shorts off
  • Helen reporting to the principal about one of the second graders being on fire
  • Helen telling young girls that they will (or in the case of Melissa, won't) be molested for wearing shorts
  • Helen reacting to a fourth grader, Timmy, telling her that he's gay
  • Helen telling Principal Morris about Timmy's sexuality, while accidentally broadcasting it to the whole school
  • Helen resigning from her positions at the school
  • The audience finding out that Principal Morris was the person drawing the cartoons of Helen

The video also features clips of direct interviews with Helen, giving the audience some information about her. Such information includes how her husband left her three years prior to the video, that she does drugs, and that she hates her job and the children she works with.


Helen is the only role with a speaking part. Timmy, Principle Morris and David's faces are not seen.


In February 2016, Brandon said that he was writing a new video featuring Helen, with the working title of 'Helen: Field Trip Supervisor'. It is unknown when this video will be released, but it can be assumed that Helen either gets a new job at a school, or gets a new job at her previous school.


  • This video features mentions of Timmy, who can be seen in many other videos, and is the grandson of Grandpa.
  • Brandon Rogers listened to "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd on repeat while writing this video.

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