On December 25, Grandpa wakes up, wrapped in wrapping paper. Over the fence, he says that he is always getting pranked by his grandchildren. A man on the street wishes Grandpa Merry Christmas, he insults the man by calling him a fatty & telling him to get fucked. He throws a present at Grandpa, Grandpa shouts at the man. Grandpa looks over the fence to Samantha, claiming she's his least favourite. Grandpa asks for more egg nog while throwing up, and tells Timmy to get his homework done. While watching a Christmas film, a yeti falls into the sea, Grandpa says 'you had it coming'. Grandpa tells Timmy to get his homework done, Timmy throws a large box of candy at him. Grandpa says that all he got for Christmas was a gun and some skittles. Grandpa bangs the fleshlight from before, thinking it's a flashlight, semen spurts out onto Granda. Mistaking it for milk, Grandpa pours the semen into coffee, thinking it's the coffee machine. The same man wishes Grandpa Merry Christmas once more, Grandpa calls him a retard. He gets hit by a wreath and blacks out. He awakens in Wonderland. He pulls out the gun he got for Christmas and plans on killing himself. The Mad Hatter and his friends are having a tea party, he tells Grandpa to kill himself. Jabberwocky asks if they've given him morphine. As she does, the camera shoots back to the real world where Grandpa is in a hospital bed. The nurse asks if he's been given morphine. The other paramedic replies with that he found 12 milliliters in his body. The Cheshire Cat says Grandpa doesn't look like Alice (from the book). The March Hare says he gave her the wrong pills. The nurse replies to the paramedic with 'what do you mean you gave him the wrong pills?' The nurse replies with 'My bad, girl', to where the Mad Hatter continues with 'girl, on behalf of Wonderland, I'd like to humbly welcome you to-', Grandpa shoots him in the head, saying 'who else wanna see Jesus?'. Flowers appears next to Grandpa, saying they could have fun together. The paramedic, (now alone) starts to undo Grandpa's clothes & starts to rape him. 20 minutes later, Grandpa is dressed up as Alice, Grandpa wails saying he wants to go home, the Cheshire Cat says he is home. The Jabberwocky hands Grandpa a drink, saying it will make him feel better, she chants 'take it' as the paramedic forces himself in Grandpa. Grandpa cries, and asks to go home, the Cheshire Cat asks if that's really what he wants. They all stand up and shout "CLEAR!", impersonating defibrillators. As Grandpa wakes up, the Mad Hatter greets him.



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