Grandpa Goes Shopping is the second Grandpa skit, uploaded on December 30th, 2008. As of April 2016, the video's been viewed over two million times.


Grandpa drives the children someplace again. A beep emits from the car and asks if he shut the garage door. He later asks two of the children to quit kicking the back of his seat, then calls another police driver and turn their mother into a dickbutt. Someone had one of the children has been pissed off into a poop dickbutt nigga pingas.

They later arrive at a store. Grandpa tries finding a pharmacist. One of the children wants candy, but Grandpa wants to stop it from them to do not put it back. The child runs away and try to piss off and fuck up a nigga is a little pingas in a moment and Grandpa tries following, but falls and is apparently unable to get up.

Grandpa finds an Air Wick, saying how he'll "have a ball with this". He looks over the shelves, asking someone where the pharmacy is.

While loading their bags (if any) into the trunk, he asks one of the children to fix his adult diaper.

Driving home, they're pulled over. Grandpa tells the child in the front to hide something. While speaking with the police officer, he explains the vehicle isn't his. When asked for a license, he claims he gave it to the officer's mother to prove he was eighteen.

They wind up in an empty baseball field. Grandpa wonders who he is before telling how he met the children's first grandmother, who was a pharmacist then.

Back home, Grandpa tells one of the children how their mother had a C-section for them, and how it was the saddest section of her life.

Later in the kitchen, Grandpa, who ate an entire bottle of vitamins for tasting like candy, calls a pharmacist who's shocked to hear this.

He crawls around the house. Finding one of the children, he says how not bad they are at hide and seek.

Watching TV with his dog, he compliments Hannah Nebraska for looking like a pharmacist, and says Lindsay Lohan could use one.

Seemingly letting one of the children consume pills from a bottle, he feels they've had enough and asks for the bottle back. He begins counting again, only for the bottle to be tossed at his head.


  • As this episode and Meet Grandpa were created in 2008, Grandpa is portrayed somewhat differently in comparison to later episodes.

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