Welcome to MashyMart, thanks for bringing your fucking kids.
— Elmer in Elmer HATES his Job.
There are many Elmers in the world. The original Elmer is still a baby used for hearts and clones by the CEO, his clones roam around the earth, all working for Bryce Tankthrust. After stuff & Sam series ended when Donna retrieved baby Elmer he was shown 17 years later in his high school all grownup giving a speech why Sam is the best father figure to have and also the original Elmer looks exactly like the clones.


Elmer first appears as a monotone emotionless convenience store worker. It is later revealed that all the Elmer’s seen in Brandon Roger’s videos were clones created by the CEO

Elmer HATES his Job

Elmer first appears as an employee at MashyMart. Where he talks to the camera about his everyday activities as an employee.

Grandpa HATES Disneyland

Appears at the end as an employee of Disneyland telling Grandpa he isn’t tall enough to ride a ride

A Day at the Park

Appears as a park ranger throughout the video Grandpa asks him to help him find his family, Elmer agrees but informs him he has to tell him about the dangers of styrofoam, causing Grandpa to run away. Elmer appears later in his office on the phone when Mom bursts into his office demanding timmy’s Whereabouts. She then proceeds to destroy his office. Since at the end of the video it is revealed that this was just Timmy playing with paper dolls it is unknown if this actually happened.

Stuff & Sam

Elmer’s origins are explained in this series. The original Elmer is Donna’s son who was stolen from her by the CEO. she used the infant Elmer to make clones to use for hearts as well as workers. The CEO removes the Elmer’s hearts to make herself immortal and compassionate. Thus explaining why all Elmer’s are emotionless. At the end of the series Sam and Donna steal the baby Elmer back from the CEO and raise him happily together. At the end of Stuff & Sam Elmer is shown all grown up and looks exactly like the clones giving a speech why Sam is the best father figure to have.