David After Drugs is a parody of the viral YouTube video David After Dentist. Uploaded on February 24th, 2009, it is one of Brandon's most popular videos, having twelve millions views as of May 2016.


Playing David, Brandon sits in the backseat of a vehicle. He stares at his father, saying he has four eyes. The father denies this as David's hands spasm. David's asked what he's doing. He isn't sure but can't stop. He repeats believing his father has four eyes before saying he's horny.

Touching his stitched tooth, David's father tells David to stop. In response, he stuffs a wrapper in his mouth. He wears an alien costume as says the "David" is not here. Mask off, he asks if they're in real life. His father says yes and David seemingly realizes he's high. He hits himself with a plastic water container.

David says he has two balls which his father confirms. He smokes something screaming. He's seen wearing the alien mask again, repeating a similar phrase from the previous clip he wore it in. Heavily breathing, he raises a fist and shouts he has two balls again. He punches and breaks the window to his left, his father shouting his name.