Cockwaddle is a minor character in Brandon Rogers' series. He is portrayed by David Burton.


Cockwaddle is first seen in Normal British People. He is one of Lord Mingeworthy and Lady Mingeworthy's adopted children. The couple refer to him as a "rolling punchline". Most of his body is disabled, except for his head, mouth, and hands.


Cockwaddle is always in a wheelchair, due to being disabled. He wears glasses, jeans, a polka dot shirt, and a black jacket. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Video Appearances

Normal British People

Cockwaddle is introduced as the British couple's second adopted child. Shitlingthorpe is seen regurgitating biscuits in his mouth. When Cockwaddle asks for more, his father declines and says that he can have more when he can stand, albeit oblivious to the fact that he can't stand.

When the 2 kids are taking a bath together, James complains that Cockwaddle is touching his feet. When Lord Mingeworthy asks if this is true, Cockwaddle declines (because he isn't able to feel his feet).

At the end, he tries to run away, but Shitlingthorpe catches him and Lord Mingeworthy slaps him.

Halloween Therapy

The British couple are trying to feed Cockwaddle feces, even though he won't eat it.

When Lord Mingeworthy says that William is going to sleep with the boys, Cockwaddle writes "no" several times on a paper.

When William exits the room, he's in Cockwaddle's wheelchair, which means that he was taken off of the wheelchair, but not killed.

Beauty is Blind

Cockwaddle pretends to be multiple people so Jurgen can practice cutting hair, albeit being blind.


  • Cockwaddle is possibly dead after the events of Halloween Therapy.
    • However, this is proved to be untrue in Beauty is Blind, as he's in Jurgen's Hair Salon.
  • He prefers to use gestures instead of speaking at times.

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