Here is a list of rules you must follow for the Brandon Rogers Wikia. Failure to follow these rules will result in a block.

General Rules

  • You must be 13 (or over 13) years of age to edit on this wiki. You may still visit this wiki and talk in comments, chat, and/or Forums, but you cannot edit pages.
  • No trolling/vandalizing/spamming.
  • You may occasionally curse in the Forums. Do not curse excessively.
  • You are prohibited from editing other user's profile pages.
    • However, if they give you permission, you may.
  • Never add music to pages. This can be both annoying and somewhat considered spamming.
  • Do not request to be a Staff Member once you join this wiki. If you would like to be a Staff Member, you must earn the rank.
  • Don't spread hate on Brandon Rogers on this wiki. This wiki is for people that like Brandon Rogers. If you don't like Brandon Rogers or his channel, please don't spread hate here. There are many places to do it, just not here.

Literary Standards

  • Remember to use grammar at all times.
    • You may not have to in the Forums, but when editing pages, grammar is mandatory.
  • Links should only be created once on pages. Double links are not needed.
  • Remember to always capitalize the first word in a sentence.
  • You are strictly prohibited to show expression or mention something about yourself in edits, as this is considered as vandalism/spam.

Block Times

  1. A warning from the Staff.
  2. A 3-day block
  3. A 2-week block
  4. A 4-week block
  5. A 5-month block
  6. A year-long block
  7. A permanent ban.

Block Rules

  • If you have been unfairly blocked by a Staff Member, (when/if the block ends,) kindly speak to them regarding your block. Hate is not needed, as this may extend your block.
  • Removing warnings from your Message Wall is rude to the Staff, and may extend your block.
  • Know that if you were blocked, you were blocked for a reason. Most of the time, the Staff will write a summary of why you were blocked.

Commenting Rules

Coming Soon!

Staff Rules

These rules are reserved for Admins and Bureaucrats.

  • Do not ask superior to users that are lower (rank-wise); Their rank does not define them.

More Coming!

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