A Day at the Park is a video that was released on April 1, 2016 to Brandon Rogers' YouTube channel. as of August 1, 2016, it has reached over 9,000,000 views, making it one of the most viewed videos on his channel. 

The video follows a single day from the perspective of many iconic characters from Brandon Rogers' channel, with every character facing a problem as the story goes by.


The video starts with Timmy making a cup of coffee for his mother, Kathy. She awakens, assuming it's the morning, asking if Timmy is ready. Timmy points at the alarm clock, which goes off as it is 12:00. Kathy is suddenly dressed and ready, she screams around the house and does the morning chores such as cereal, cleaning herself and doing the dishes. Everyone gets into the car and they prepare to speed, where George appears in the backseat asking for ice cream, Kathy ignores the fact he has been there since last week and they arrive in the park while driving past Elmer who is now park ranger. Kathy runs through the park and sees Donna who is having a picnic with Sam.

The story now switches over to Sam, who tells the camera that they are celebrating Donna becoming a spokeswoman for Anisol, an anal hemorrhoid cream. Sam says that he makes inspirational flyers for young disabled children and gives a couple of examples.

The story swaps over to Elmer who has quit his job at Mashy Mart and Disneyland and has become a park ranger, he says that he has been park ranger for 1 month, George turns up, and is lost. Elmer asks what is the matter, and George asks for Elmer's help to find his family or he may be lost forever, Elmer starts to give the 31 top ten threats of Styrofoam, but George runs away. When George runs away, he rushes past Helen Brownstein, who tells him to stop running.

The story now flashes to Helen, who tells the camera she has been promoted to field trip supervisor, despite passing out on an occasion where her hair was dyed and then removed. Helen says she never takes her eyes off the children ever. She doesn't use toilets, she lets out a small amount of urine, lets that absorb, then evaporate and start again. Helen says that she drinks to forget but always remembers. Sam runs past, who is told to stop running, the story flashes over to Sam again, who says he runs to get rid of last nights mistakes (eating cheesecake), Sam then runs into Jürgen's "concentration camp".

The story now flashes over to Jürgen. He explains that he has decided to spend some time in the wilderness to get his creativity flowing. His team members say that working for a blind fashion designer isn't good, and that they have lost money on sexual assault charges due to Jürgen's latest brand of clothing. Jürgen gets lost in his tent with his stick out saying that it isn't the bathroom. Jürgen hi fives Damien Ditsen and assumes that him and the American Boyfriend are Asian, so he calls them "the worst Asian employees", where the Asian Girlfriend turns up, insulted by the word "Asian". The American Boyfriend asks where she has been, saying she got locked in McDonald's by the American Boyfriend.

The story flashes to the American Boyfriend, who says that his relationship hasn't been going too well with his girlfriend, and that they have hired Alex Rimmer, an acting coach, to teach them how to act loving toward each other. The American Boyfriend introduces his girlfriend to Jürgen, who assumes the girlfriend is male and that the boyfriend is gay. Jürgen ends up apologising for the previous jokes he has made. The girlfriend tells Jürgen to eat her sweat, but he says he isn't gay. He then runs hoping no one chases him. Jürgen then stands in the middle of a road, and begins undressing, thinking he's alone. Dorian Ditsen drives past, almost killing him. He stops the car abruptly, with all the workers inside.

The story flashes to Dorian. Dorian says that company picnics used to excite him, but things haven't been right since Diesel left him for Kevin. Dorian explains that the two keep following him around and making fun of him. Dorian is hit by an egg by the two, where Damian comes in and uses Kevin to hit Diesel, the two run off back to the picnic. Damien looks at Dorian, and Dorian ignores him until Damien leaves, saying the family has been asking about him. Damien reveals the entire family cast him out due to him being straight, but as he is the only straight one in the family everyone thinks it is a mental illness. Jürgen starts screeching like a bird, getting the attention of Dorian and Damien. The former instantly recognises him, and Damien reveals that Jürgen is his boss. Dorian tells Damien that he wishes he had a better one than Bryce Tankthrust. Bryce tells the team that during the Spring they should start saving for Christmas, Vishalam Rangan tells Bryce to fuck herself and Christmas, while she lights a cigarette, the whole company bursts into argument.

The story flashes to Bryce, who says that she asked for a picnic to be arranged for the top performing branch of Nightingale Auto Insurance. Bryce turns to Jimmy Rustler, where she says that he is within 20 feet of children, and needs to put his T-Shirt on, saying he's a rapist. The story flashes to Jimmy briefly, who says the shade of blue on the shirt is disgusting. Dorian returns, Bryce has an argument with him, and says she got the promotion in blowjob-giving. Craig Dildon asks for a promotion, but Bryce says she would rather have sex with literally anyone else.

The story flashes back to Helen, who asks for drugs. Timmy turns up and throws a rock at Helen, Helen grabs Timmy firmly by the arm, where Kathy turns up, the two have an argument and start fighting, Timmy runs off while he can. Jimmy finds Timmy, but is interrupted by Sam. Kathy searches the park looking for Timmy, she starts screaming and panicking. The story turns back to Jürgen who finds Jimmy and asks for his "RAPIST" shirt, Jimmy hands it over.

The story flashes to Vishalam, who comes out of a toilet. The Asian Girlfriend awaits Vishalam's arrival, the two insult each other until the girlfriend reveals she knows that Vishalam isn't actually Indian. Vishalam (in her real accent) asks what she needs to give the girlfriend to keep her mouth shut. She hands over the equivalent of $100 (50 cents and a vons club card). The girlfriend takes it and leaves, breaking into her male voice. Jürgen chases after Sam as he is lost and needs help, as Jürgen is wearing his "RAPIST" shirt. Sam stops, and noticing Jürgen's shirt, thinks Jürgen is a rapist and attacks him after using the phrase "No means no."

The story flashes to George who is lost, saying the day can't get worse. Donna appears. She and George apparently know each other. Donna says she called George the other night, but accidentally called Dorian Ditsen instead. George asks for Donna's help to find Kathy and Timmy, but when Donna suggests catching up, he runs off again.

Kathy screams again, looking for Timmy when she bursts into Elmer's office while he was on the phone. Kathy screams at Elmer, and destroys his office after he telling her to retrace her steps. Kathy runs through the park and lands on the picnic table where she kicks James Shaft in the face & attacks Bryce. The whole scenario is shown to be all part of Timmy's imagination.

Cast and Crew

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