A Day at the Beach is a video released by Brandon Rogers on August 3rd, 2018, on his 30th birthday. It's a sequel to A Day at the Park and is his longest video yet being 22 minutes long and arguably his largest video as well considering how many characters are in it. The video has over 5.6 million views as of September 2018. 

Much like A Day at the Park, the video follows a single day with every character Brandon Rogers has ever created all getting into various situations with an overarching plotline involving time travel all occuring at one single beach. 


The video begins with the introduction of Flint Dicker, a newsreporter who reports on the beach covering how hot the temperature is and confirms it by interviewing Blame and Donna first with the latter saying that it was so hot, it felt like her breasts were melting. Grandpa is then interviewed where he says that he's only at the beach because he got lost. He then walks around confusing a bird for an obesse child and claps when seeing an interracial couple. His news segment cuts to a different show where Lenny and his pet, Clifton, are being interveiwed, but ends horribly when Clifton attacks the hostess for wearing glasses and he runs off after being in the spotlight for too long and has been missing for two days and worries his owner. He then gives out information on how to contact him if Clifton is found, but Flint cuts him off and interviews Helen Brownstein in an "interview" (really exploiting her)

Helen then says that she's been a lifegaurd for a few hours and doesn't like her job nor saving people and poors blood in the water to attract sharks, but they never come. She's then hit by kelp from Sebastian and Ignacio and when she asks why they aren't in school, they ask the same question back to her where she reveals that she'd actually been fired by her original boss, Principal Morris, as hall monitor after her vulgar behavior became too much to handle. He then reaffirms that she's fired when she claims that most kids go home to get molested and when she's told to hand in her hall pass, she flashes her breasts and causes Morris to throw up in horror. It then cuts back to present day where she says that being hall monitor was the only job she ever cared about. Sebastian hits her with more kelp and she activates the alarm on her megaphone and chases him and Ignacio saying that she'll crucify them and a chase ensues.